Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Ginger Fox goes to Sydney

Aquabumps : Beachobatics at Bondi

Its The Boy's birthday and to celebrate we are jetting off to Sydney for a week, to see the city, reunite with dear friends, shop up a storm, chillax poolside and bliss out to fine frenchies Phoenix. Its all quite exciting, my first Sydney visit, and I am especially excited to be away from home, away from the judgemental eyes of my janome that scream 'why are you watching neighbours when there is work to be girl...always work to be done'.Though not this week, oh no, little janome, singer overlocker and the mountainous piles of vintage beauties are just going to have to keep themselves amused. Perhaps they will play bridge, or the always popular duck, duck, goose.

ABC Arts Online

I will have my camera handy through out the trip and will attempt to bring you a whole heap of saucy Sydney style. Oh, and if you know of any oh-so-trendy-cannot-be-missed Sydney, hole in the wall establishments, be it shop, cafe or bar, please leave a comment as I'm in the mood to go hunting for hidden retail wonders. What's your favourite tell xox

HAMweather: Sydney Dust storm


uglygirl said...

I would recommend Berkeleouw Books (there are a few locations but I like the Newtown one best) - I wish we had one in Perth. Also, Harlequin Market on Oxford St, Paddington, for vintage jewellery (it's all way too expensive to buy but you can gawk at it, and do the same to the vintage clothes down the street at Shag). Also, you must visit the Opera House (I recommend the tour) because the architecture is amazing.

The Ginger Fox said...

Wow, cheers lovie Im adding them all to my list! I didn't realise Harlequin Market was Sydney, Im very excited to check it out.

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