Tuesday, April 26, 2011

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Scrapbook de la Emma & Gay Pirates sing song with Cosmo Jarvis

You may remember I ran a competition last month to win a vintage voucher for my online store. An easily forgettable side of the competition was the Mystery Prize which I can now reveal... because I finally drew it tonight! It's just a little sketch for the winner EMMA HACKETT who, as it turns out, has a delightful blog herself; Scrapbook de la Emma. The sketch also features Claire of Stolen from Grandma and Sophie of Owl vs Dove, who kindly helped me spread the word about my competition.

Now here's a little story to cap off tonight's post. I was thoroughly enjoying my drive home from Fremantle tonight with good tunes on the radio and a box of perfectly salted chippies on the passenger seat (the best passenger!). I was especially happy when Cosmo Jarvis's song 'Gay Pirates' came on the radio. Ok ok the title does suggest a rather awful and offensive song would follow, and yet, it is possibly the most perfect and honest title for what is certainly a product of extensive thought and talent. I am mad for pirate ditties; The Decemberists 'The Mariner's Revenge Song' is an all time favourite.

I cant say how happy I was to hear a pirate melody that carries such weight in its lyrics. It is the story of a love between two men at sea and the torment they endure from their fellow shipmates. It is uplifting melody while being remarkably moving, commenting on the prejudice and intolerance that gay couples still encounter. It's just such a well written and lovable song, people will be dancing to this tune without even realising it's meaning. Its a modern day 'Afternoon Delight', if a little more significant.

The moral of the story; I was singing Gay Pirates at the top of my lungs as I pulled up to turn right onto Bruce Street in Nedlands. My thoughts were deeply entrenched in the song and maintaining my notes at the maximum volume possible that I didn't realise I was opposite Pata Negra tapas restaurant, and my window was wound down. I like to think that I treated the diners to an amazing vocal delicacy, but it is more likely they would have believed me to be bellowing madly at the dashboard. Perhaps a little more embarrassing than when I am (regularly) caught singing enthusiastically by my neighbouring traffic light car, but at least then I am mute. Ah well, I rolled up the window and kept on singing.

Yo ho Sebastion,
Let's go far away,
Somewhere where the captain wont be mad.
Yo ho Sebastion
I want to love you good
We deserve much better than we've had.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Winter launch @ Times Square Claremont

I attended the Times Square Winter Launch in Claremont last night. It was a rooftop catwalk event hosted to celebrate the winter collections of fashion labels including Breathless, ae'lkemi, Rapt, Bettina Liano, Leona Edmiston and Wayne Cooper. Perfect weather and a bevy of stylish guys and gals made it a lovely night indeed.

Sass & Bide girls

Bougainvillea day

Two things were scheduled for today; rent inspection and the Times Square Winter Launch in Claremont. The result of these colliding events was a raked up pile of dried bougainvillea petals and a special vintage dress with heels. My housemate (Notion Photography) was kind enough to take some pretty snaps.

DRESS: Ginger Fox
SHOES: Witchery
RING: Street side stall, Peru & Kul Kul, Subiaco
EARRINGS: Kul Kul, Subiaco
GINGER: Bolstered

Despite it being an unruly thorny weed, I adore bougainvillea. I snip off a branch every week and put it in a bottle by my sunniest window. I take special consideration with my choice in branch, there are so many beautiful petal arrangements. One week i will have a windswept arrangement with all the colour off to one side. This week it is a sparse and low tri-bunch. It is ridiculous how happy it makes me to look on this little collection of items.

Today's movie - Paper Man - Just beautiful. Writers are a strange sort, watching the world yet struggling to be a part of it. It explores an interesting concept with gorgeous cinematic style and an appropriate amount of twee moments to tick the indie film boxes (the couch construction was a lovely touch). Do watch it, it's lovely.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Style galore @ The Huge Vintage Sale

Action snaps @ the Huge Vintage Sale

Liz from Awoke Vintage and Ash another fabulous vintage seller.

and what I wore...

Style snaps to come imminently.