Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Ginger Fox: Perth street fashion ahoy ahoy

I don't have much to say on this post as the fresh summer threads speak for themselves. For a Wednesday there was some serious style in the city, well done Perth.


I forgot to write down this sweet lassies name.

cheers Holly

another forgotten name, shall we call her Tangerine queen :)

Mr Mime


Bianca & Caris


Mr Mime enjoying a beverage

Lajos & Alice


Monday, January 25, 2010

The Ginger Fox and the attack of the Jaz

It seems like the vast majority of my snaps are from Leederville nowadays. Actually, it almost feels as if I never leave the place now that I've moved my Saturday stall to the Oxford Street Markets. Who's complaining though, the girls sure look pretty in Leedy. Weirdly though, they all appear to be named Jasmine???

Jaz with quite the creation, her spotted bag re-purposed from an old dress by her mum awww.

Jasmine fellow vintage stall maiden

Rachel looking simply sweet

Jasmine channeling rock chick

Jasmin... I mean Steph

Liz another Perth vintage guru

As you may have noticed, I failed to chase down any styling boys this weekend and so in lieu of the normal lovely lad pics I have included my thoughts this summers biggest male fashion trend. All hail the denim cut-offs. Half the reason I love them so much is they conjure up images of dear Tobias and bring much needed attention to the never-nude affliction (if you don't know what I'm taking about you must stop what your doing right now and go hire the Arrested Development box you go, I'm not joking!) .

Thankfully however, the Perth boys do wear them slightly longer than Mr Fünke.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Ginger Fox forgot how to use her camera

Dear oh dear, many apologies for the fuzzy, out of focus photos to follow. I'm not sure if I was in a hurry or my camera was dirty or I was so distracted by the thrilling threads I was trying to shoot, but something went awry and the result was dismal pics. I felt obliged to include them non the less as I generally interrupt all these lovely peoples fun times to make them stand awkwardly while an overly enthusiastic stranger takes happy snaps. So here you go, squint and enjoy :)


Loving navy floral tights, nice find Jamie (p.s. worst photo focus of the lot, sorry Jamie)

All dolled up Sarah

Some serious interruption of tea and cake time for Marica and Steve but I only did so in the name of sartorial delight.

Marcia kindly let me have a close up of her and her oh-so sweet good luck charm.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The now no so Ginger Fox

I am a rather spontaneous person and when i get an idea in my head, that is it! On Sunday I decided enough was enough, something must be done with my boring ratty hair. After buying a couple of hair mags I settled on my some what drastic new do, my only hangup was finding a Salon that could handle my hellish curls. I have not had a great run with hairdressers and 95% of the time I will cry after my cut (aww haven't we all at one time). I have has cuts that resemble a ranga afro, a mushroom, a nanna, and a curly mullet that looked remarkably like the Hoff in his baywatch days. Due to my severe salon-phobia it had been 6 months since my last cut!
So it was that this time I put my trust in google which turned up a Vogue forum thread speaking very highly of Muséo Salon and Spa in Mt Lawley. The rest is history.

So curly lassies fear not, there is someone out there to help you. To top it off I found Muséo to be extremely fun and friendly, there are quite a few characters there which make it that little bit more interesting while your waiting for your hair to process :)

The Muséo Homestead.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Ginger Fox: Hot town, summer in Perth city

I have been out and about in the last few days, hitting up the first Perthquake sponsored night at the Republic on Friday night and then for a wander in trusty Leedy on scorching Sunday. Lets have a look at what I found shall we...

Jasmine looking like a little spunky angle in her spots and ruffles

dynamic duo Anna & Roland

and it couldn't be a Ginger Fox blog without a puppy, although this time the Maltese cutie inst mine. This is HR Puff n Stuff resident fluff ball of the Republic.

Jenny looking very fresh in her sunny stripes, tooled belt and vintage shades.

Stripes are a popular choice this summer and we all hope that we look like dear Kaitlin in them. Perfect from the curls to the bleached shorts, what a stunner.

Friday, January 15, 2010

The Ginger Fox: Perth style in the city

Had a bit of shopping to do for my stall tomorrow and while juggling plastic bags (I know I know but i keep forgetting my fold-away shopping tote grrrr) I managed to take a few pics of fresh, summery stylers.
p.s I know its going to be a stinker tomorrow poppets (what am i Dame Edna??) but if you can tear yourselves away from the aircon, then pop on down to the Oxford St markets and have a little browse through my vintage delights xox

Darling Abby has already graced my blog once but she sure does earn her place huh.

Sarah looking ultimate summer with a great splashes of colour.

Chantelle and Amber. Love the boho, off the shoulder, Hawaiian blouse.

Chris is wearing hands down my favourite T of the season. This little beauty was handmade for him by a friend. Awww googly eyes and felt never looked so good.

Jen with a great colour combo.

Seeing as I have your captive attention I have to share Indy's favourite new toy I picked up on my outing. Yay for the plush school bus. I do apologise for the many many puppy photos, but he is just so gosh darn cute!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Ginger Fox is still smiling from Southbound

Southbound in a word... WOW! Three days,three nights of sun, friends, music, greasy food, booze and dirt. Finally WA has an epic summer festival and it seemed the appreciative punters were doing their best to make the most of it, putting body on the line in the name of good times. A stroll around the camp grounds after the last act revealed many a poor soul just struggling to keep it together. The final night was another story entirely with mini riots, airborne food and a mightily TP'd tree. But enough about the shambolic array of youth, lets talk acts.

Yeah Yeah Yeah's blew me away! I went to their metro show last time they were in town, but that was nothing in comparison to the show they put on on Sunday night. Karen O was a rock goddess, holding her audience spellbound with her theatrics. She started the show in a ragged black dress with fluttering, shredded sleeves, lettered print and a feather cuff/glove. Mid way through she added a gorgeous studded leather jacket that flashed a vibrant red lining. To cap it all off in the costume stakes, she emerged in her final outfit (above) for a gorgeous performance of Skeleton.
My other highlights were Andrew Bird, who I had never heard of but will be now loading onto my Ipod as soon as I possibly can. Dappled Cities put on a solid show and Major Laser got me grooving with a huge smile on my face at his antics. Datarock may have to take out the funnest moment award with Art Vs Science and Miami Horror joining the jumpsuit clad fellas on stage during Fa fa fa to form a male, can-can chorus line.

tan backpack and lace socks, so cute

I tried numerous times to take a pic of my last outfit and failed spectacularly (put it down to vanity people) so I drew a sketch. I did this so you could fully appreciate just how happy I was to watch Karen O while I was wearing a cape (my other cape, love em) I don't think there could be a more perfect time to twirl around in a cape.

bowler hats were very big this festival season

'abandon hope, all ye who enter here' we were a messy, messy bunch.