Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Ginger Fox: old photos and old fashion faux pas

Thanks to awesome Ami, a lovely customer who took some style photos for me back in my woeful broken camera period, I have a couple of little fashion gems to share with you. Best wishes for a banging weekend to all those going to Southbound! I will be there (yay Moby and just about everything else on this very very solid lineup) keeping and eye out for the unique and inspired festival attire. Have fun kids :)

As a side note, after perusing my favourite fashion rags I have noticed a few pushing the good ole bell bottom jeans. This rather worried me as I had my time in bell bottoms and I have to say as a rather shapeless girl, I looked like a pink dolphin lost a battle with denim. I don't recommend this trend for anyone that has, like me, a figure like a plank of wood. If you are blessed with a waist (i was not haha) and child bearing hips (as my damn lucky housemate dubs hers) then go nuts cause this look is for you.


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