Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The now no so Ginger Fox

I am a rather spontaneous person and when i get an idea in my head, that is it! On Sunday I decided enough was enough, something must be done with my boring ratty hair. After buying a couple of hair mags I settled on my some what drastic new do, my only hangup was finding a Salon that could handle my hellish curls. I have not had a great run with hairdressers and 95% of the time I will cry after my cut (aww haven't we all at one time). I have has cuts that resemble a ranga afro, a mushroom, a nanna, and a curly mullet that looked remarkably like the Hoff in his baywatch days. Due to my severe salon-phobia it had been 6 months since my last cut!
So it was that this time I put my trust in google which turned up a Vogue forum thread speaking very highly of Muséo Salon and Spa in Mt Lawley. The rest is history.

So curly lassies fear not, there is someone out there to help you. To top it off I found Muséo to be extremely fun and friendly, there are quite a few characters there which make it that little bit more interesting while your waiting for your hair to process :)

The Muséo Homestead.


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