Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Ginger Fox goes to Stereosonic 2009

So I flagged on my Sunday stall this weekend and dedicated myself to a day of dance at Stereosonic. It was a welcome change to boogie on down in the Claremont showgrounds and not be at Big Day Out. With camera in hand, I hunted through the crowd for my favourite festival threads.

Now admittedly I didn't get too many pictures of styling party boys and girls. I blame this on how distracted I was by just how many people were sporting the obvious trends of the season. Tie dye tops the list with just about every second girl wearing a tie dye something or other. It wasn't just restricted to the girls, with a fair spattering of boys getting in the act too. The other resounding picks of the summer were acid wash faux 80s gym shorts, bandage skirts and lots and lots of flesh peaking through lace, crochet and one piece, cut out swim suits. It made me giggle a little to see a few girls really ticking all the trend boxes with the acid wash, short shorts over a tini tiny, tie dye, cut out one piece. But either way everyone looked bright and summery and the fun filled festival spirit was alive and well.

And it is for the festival spirit that I present my homage to the tried and tested tradition of... MATCHING OUTFITS.

That's all for now, hope you had a great day if you went and I'll be seeing you at the next one

Jamie was a bit of a hit... BAHAHAHAHA ahh dad jokes

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Ginger Fox visits the Perth student flea markets

Twas a good day today. I'm enjoying these lazy hot weekends just sitting in my stall sewing, reading or zoning out, oh and selling stuff too. Its really quite cathartic to sit back, feet up on an equipment box, tunes softly playing from a wind up radio and just get stuck into some serious people watching. Here's a few of the interesting things that strolled into the Perth Cultural Centre this week. The markets have just started a student flea market which added some lovely jumble stalls to the mix. Not a bad Saturday huh :)

Anastasia & Rian
Rachel - I love organised chaos, bold clashing colours, prints and a wack of badges, cant go wrong... well you can but Rach got it right.

and the award for cutest print ever goes to ...Kate

The owner of this salute to the 80's didnt want a pic but hey, her purse looks pretty alright solo.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Ginger Fox borrows a new toy

Out of curiosity I had a little go at my boy's new Canon SLR today and I have to say I am hooked. Hence, this afternoon was joyfully spent on a photographic pilgrimage of Perth. I cant claim to have any skills with the ole picture box but with a camera this good I have a feeling I will be getting lots of practice. Below are a few of my favourite shots.

The Ginger Fox digs Perth Youth Arts

I did a bit of housework today and of all my domestic chores today, putting together this floral arrangement was by far my favourite. Not only does it look great (if i say so myself) but it was made in a vase personalised by the Artifacts group that was at the markets on Nov 8. A fun loving, diverse team of local artists worked all day to transform household items into unique works of art with all proceeds going to support Perth youth arts. I was lucky enough to snag this vase and a lovely small canvas painting that were created on the day. Unfortunately i was unable to locate the canvas block for the photos so I guess there is still much more housework to be done...

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Ginger Fox meets Perth Zine Collective

There was a wonderful addition to the Perth Cultural Centre Markets this weekend with a new stall by the Perth Zine Collective. Who knew there were so many talented artists and writers in our little city? Well, Perth Zine's knew and have been steadily growing their collection of authors. The Zines range from delightfully darling to incredibly zany and I thoroughly recommend you check them out for yourself. Join their Facebook HERE

To top off my Sunday I took a break from my stall to check out a bit of mad parkour skill.

The Urban Playground Quartet all the way from the UK is putting on free performances of their extroidinary athleticism in the PICA area of the Perth Cultural Centre.

Support this free 'Awesome Festival' and go take in a show or have a play yourself;

Performances:Sun 22 Nov @ 4.00pm Mon 23 & Wed 25 Nov @ 10.00am & 12.30pm Fri 27 Nov @ 10.00am & 1.30pm Sat 28 & Sun 29 Nov @ 2.00pm & 4.00pm
Supervised Playtimes:Sun 22 Nov @ 4.30pm – 5.00pm Mon 23 , Wed 25, Fri 27 Nov @ 2.00pm – 3.00pm Sat 28 & Sun 29 Nov @ 2.30pm – 3.30pm

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Ginger Fox: Slow sunny saturdays with stripes

Well dear friends I finally bought myself a replacement camera (thanks olympus not-actually-so-waterproof-after-all and no we will not replace it for you!!) to capture all the wonderful street style I see sauntering past. Granted it is not as fine as my resident photographers you beaut canon SLR but it does the job. Will try and get the SLR out most of the time though :)

I would have loved to be around when these three lovely ladies met up for their saturday shopping spree. Yes this marvelous coordination was an accident but hey dont they look grand. Loving the vertical blue striped ruffle skirt.

aww its all getting rather festive in the city.

Way to rock a wicked set of vintage treadlies

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Ginger Fox: The Fantastic Mr. Fox

I feel a certain kinship with this fellow, but mostly Wes Anderson + stop motion animation = complete and utter awesomeness.

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Ginger Fox in Print

Check it out..The Ginger Fox has its own comic. Well not quite but I found this one while doing a bit of self googling (ah the shame). It looks like a winner to me, very late 60's exploitation ala 'Faster Pussycat Kill Kill'... well may with a little less T&A

cant find a thing on what its about but hey with a cover like this I say judge away..its going to be killer.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Ginger Fox: New thing I learnt today...

A roman centurion was in command of 100 men...makes sense really

p.s I love Asterix :)