Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Ginger Fox visits the Perth student flea markets

Twas a good day today. I'm enjoying these lazy hot weekends just sitting in my stall sewing, reading or zoning out, oh and selling stuff too. Its really quite cathartic to sit back, feet up on an equipment box, tunes softly playing from a wind up radio and just get stuck into some serious people watching. Here's a few of the interesting things that strolled into the Perth Cultural Centre this week. The markets have just started a student flea market which added some lovely jumble stalls to the mix. Not a bad Saturday huh :)

Anastasia & Rian
Rachel - I love organised chaos, bold clashing colours, prints and a wack of badges, cant go wrong... well you can but Rach got it right.

and the award for cutest print ever goes to ...Kate

The owner of this salute to the 80's didnt want a pic but hey, her purse looks pretty alright solo.


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