Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Technology, why don't you like me?

If your a follower of the blog, you will be aware that technology and I have not had the smoothest of relationships. In fact it has been a bit of a one sided battle, with technology significantly kicking my butt. The issues with the laptop started back in early February when Mr Toshiba laptop decided to melt it's hard drive and motherboard into a highly convenient molten mess (
here's the post).

After a length vacation abroad, Mr TL returned with all new parts, ready and raring to get back into the daily grind. Its battery, however, did not share this refreshing new work ethic and steadfast refused to return to work. Faced with no alternatives, I wave goodbye to Mr TL and his stubborn battery, as they head off for another long stint in the workshop. Frustration, frustration, frustration and I haven't even told you about my dilemmas with Ms Nokia phone!

The tally as it stands;


Monday, March 29, 2010

Little woo-hoo for lovely Hannah

I was rather pleased to see gorgeous Hannah, resident model for The Ginger Fox, make the Sunday Times magazine this week while sporting some of my vintage items. Its only a small thing, but I have to say I couldn't help but smile to see my brand name in print that wasn't written by me.

Funnily enough, I decided this week to give ebay another go as an outlet for my vintage pieces, and the sequin top Hannah is wearing is one of the items up for sale. Perhaps you could nab it for a bargain - check it out here.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Perth Style & Shimmering Buchaneers

Was a gorgeous day today, perfect for strolling along the Perth city streets scoping out the style. Wish I had a bit more time though so I could have found you a few more pics. Perhaps I shouldn't have taken a detour into Wittner, but who can resist a huge 30% off sign in their favourite shoe store. Not me that's for sure; I left with a big bag full of divine leather and heel, and a wallet significantly lighter. My cant-live-without shoes were not on sale, yet I regret nothing.



And now for some gratuitous self style snaps.

Friday, March 26, 2010


I wipe a glistening tear from the corner of my eye, take a deep breath and attempt to gather the strength to tell you - it is the last market of the season kids! haha how do you like my melodrama?

Yep, this Saturday is your last Oxford Street Market, so if you haven't shimmied on down before then you better get a wriggle on. The Boy will be spinning tunes all day, there is yummy bratwurst to be had and oodles and oodles of vintage treasure to get stuck into.

I really have enjoyed my weekends in Leederville and to show my gratitude I will be offering an additional 30% off my already low prices to all my blog and facebook fans. Just make sure you mention you are a fan and I will whip out the calculator (yup, as easy as 30% is, there is no way I'm not working that out in my head...tsk tsk the youth of today)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Indy Tails: To kill two birds with one dog.

True story...

Now, despite the name of this post (which is perhaps a tad over-saturated with plays on words and puns), no birds were harmed in the making of this comic strip. They were a little frazzled, but thankfully Indy has only soft, little, fuzzy paws and not much weight behind him so he would have only winded poor Cody and Wendel. Scary none the less!

I am happy to report that since this incident, there has been no more dog on bird contact even when I let them out of the cage to fly around. Indy is always watchful and intrigued but he appears to have gotten a close enough look last time, and now he is happy to let them be. Thus the harmony of my little friends is restored.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Perth's Wild Winter Wonderland

Perth was hit by a huge thunderstorm yesterday afternoon, but then, if your from Perth and reading this then you would already know - and I'm glad you have power to your computer. Apparently 150,000 people lost power; power poles and trees were toppling everywhere, windows were destroyed and huge mudslides swamped houses.Literally millions of dollars of damage occurred in the space of half an hour.

All of the dogs I have owned hate storms, they hide under beds and wimper until it is done, but not Indy the Adventurer! He is one tough little pup. As I watched him bounce from window to window, trying to get a better view of the downpour, I swear I almost heard him declare "BRING IT ON!"

We didn't do too badly at my house. The golf ball sized hail did manage to shoot through the glass louvers in my back room causing a minor, glass ridden flood. Finger's crossed that The Boy's stereo equipment, that was by the window, still works. We were lucky enough to keep the lights on, but not so fortunate with the power to the appliances, which is still down. How am I blogging you ask??
Thanks to my kind neighbour, and a very long extension cord out the window, we have power to the essentials; Fridge, laptop and coffee machine.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Fashion's Night out for Haiti: Part Two

Here are the pics from the catwalk at Fashion's Night out for Haiti last Thursday. Fashion WA put on a great show featuring creations from Little Gracie, Chloe Jones, Martini+Coz, Zanthus & Generics, Tu, Elementree, Hannah McGrath and Miss Erika.


Zanthus & Generics

Hannah McGrath

Miss Erika

Hannah McGrath


Little Gracie

Zanthus & Generics

Little Gracie

Fashion TV
You can see all the looks from the show at Fashion Catalyst. I decided to get a little 80's for the event and wore one of my favourite vintage, black, body-con dresses complete with shoulder pads.

Dress: 80's black fitted dress - The Ginger Fox collection
Stockings: Myers
Shoes: Nine West (bought the same pair in tan and them)
Necklace: My own creation - lightning bolts for the Electrifying dress code
Bracelet: Wild Lily Empire

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Win $100 voucher for The Ginger Fox online shop

You have probably noticed the giant orange banner at the top of the page announcing that
The Ginger Fox online shop is now open, well to celebrate, I am giving away a $100 gift voucher. To enter the draw, I just need your help to get the word out about my little venture.

If your not already a fan, you simply join my FACEBOOK PAGE and then suggest the page to as many of your friends as possible. Once you've done that leave a message on my wall telling me you've helped out and how many friends you have suggested it to; the more friends you suggest it to, the more entries you get in the draw.

I've borrowed this concept from a couple of other smart people on Facebook :-P
Its a gem of an idea though, and by participating you will really be helping me build my little business, so that I can keep on working to find the best possible, on-trend, utterly wearable, affordable vintage pieces out there. Thanks for reading xox

Friday, March 19, 2010

Fashion's night out for Haiti: Part One

I was a bit chuffed to be invited to Fashion's Night Out for Haiti at the Gold Bar, Subiaco last night. A committed hermit, such as myself, would normally never hear of these things, but times are a changing and I am determined to drag myself away from the computer and sewing machine, head out and meet a few more of you Perth kids.

It was a fantastic little event for a truly worthy cause. A donation to Haiti at the door got you access to a whole bevy of lads and ladies dressed to the nines, a catwalk show presented by Fashion WA and a wonderfully, warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

Anna, Alicia & Hannah

Apparently 'ranga' is contagious and The Two Bucks Till Wednesdays girls are all falling prey. Ahaha, I jest, power to the ginger I say!


Lady in rock my world!

Bit of a Sex and the City moment here.

Now I could use your help with this post. Yet again I have neglected to get the names of most of the people I photographed. I think I let my excitement got the better of me as I frantically dashed from snazzy person to snazzy person: or perhaps it was just way to difficult juggling camera, clutch, champagne and mobile phone, either way this will not stand! If you know the names of any of these people I would really appreciate it if you could leave a quick comment. Many many thanks :)

Post Two coming very soon - catwalk snaps YAY

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Two great loves; vintage fashion & puppies

In regards to my previous post, the masses have spoken, well to be entirely accurate, the masses have not spoken. So fasten up kids, we're moving on and what better way than with some sunny style from the Leederville markets.

It was a strange day to be outdoors; horribly, horribly muggy early on, easing up as the day wore on with a gusty wind that was both heaven sent and an ultimate nuisance. The overcast skies were out to get me too. Its a bit tricky finding a seat out of the sun during the day without getting in the shoppers way, and this is made a little bit more difficult when you can't work out where the shade is. What I'm getting too - massive sunburned back, mmm sexy.


Lunching ladies Lily, Gemma & Kate


Another name I forgot to get..woops

Sunburn aside, it was a great day at the market, and it was made all the more pleasant by the constant stream of gorgeous dogs passing through. If your a regular reader of my blog you may have noticed I am rather fond of our canine friends. I may be getting slightly obsessive since I purchased my own little ball of fluff, but hey, who doesn't like pictures of cute puppies. That being said, I took some time to take some snaps of a couple of particularly adorable little pups.

Cookie sporting a lovely floral, chiffon scarf as a lead. Cookie is certainly one fashion forward fella.

Proud owner Poppy.