Sunday, March 14, 2010

One week in Sydney

I promise these are the last of my Sydney snaps, we will be moving on, seeing new things, living in the moment...but for now - more Sydney. Me and The Boy had some fun, during the week, taking photos of a few of my outfits and I thought I would share them with you.

Tuesday night was Phoenix night and boy oh boy do I love those French boys. We stayed in a lovely, cosy little hotel near Darling Harbour for most of the week, and fueled by cheap wine, I may have let my excitement out with a short bout of 'Hotel Bed Trampolining'.

The gig was amazing! They played for about an hour and a half,and in that time it became clear just how solid their body of work is - it was hit after hit after hit. To add to that, hats have to go off to the lighting coordinator who created an outstanding, dynamic setting for the feel good tunes. Last but not least, I was blow away by just how good a venue Hordern Pavillion was, with perfect sound, wide spaces, high roof and unobstructed views of the stage from just about anywhere you chose to stand.

And this shot was taken from the very back of the crowd! Love Hordern Pavillion.

Windswept at Sydney Opera House

On the Saturday we put our bargain hunting hats on and headed down to the trendy Fringe Bar Markets on Oxford Street, Paddington. This tiny market has everything; inspired emerging designers, unique new season and hand made jewellery, altered vintage (I particularly liked one stall holders spray painted, stencil art Glomesh bags)and a huge range of tasty vintage items. You get to shop to nu-disco tunes played by local DJs, and should all that shopping get you parched, you need only step on over to the bar. This was my kind of market!

The Boy was kindly asked to bring his bulging CD binder with him and spin a few tunes for the market folk.

Its a tight squeeze, but the more, the better I say.

This outfit was for some daytime shopping, and I put it together for the express purpose of breaking in my beautiful, new, tan leather, round toe heels. Though, in a moment of rare foresight, I threw a pair of flats in my handbag - just in case. Good thing I did as I only lasted about an hour or so before the pain outweighed the beauty, but golly gosh did I enjoy teetering about in that hour.

Just checking what's out on the balcony roof.

And that was Sydney :)

P.s. Now I know I said this was my last post on Sydney, but I did have a thought as I was writing. I had planned to do a quick post on a few of the things I bought in Sydney as I found some wonderful little bargains over there. I'm going to leave it up to you though! If you would like to see some of my trinkets, just leave a comment saying so.
Oh dear, lets see how this goes.


uglygirl said...

I love that Fringe Bar market - that's where I picked up my favourite white glo-mesh handbag that's shaped like a pair of undies.

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