Friday, March 19, 2010

Fashion's night out for Haiti: Part One

I was a bit chuffed to be invited to Fashion's Night Out for Haiti at the Gold Bar, Subiaco last night. A committed hermit, such as myself, would normally never hear of these things, but times are a changing and I am determined to drag myself away from the computer and sewing machine, head out and meet a few more of you Perth kids.

It was a fantastic little event for a truly worthy cause. A donation to Haiti at the door got you access to a whole bevy of lads and ladies dressed to the nines, a catwalk show presented by Fashion WA and a wonderfully, warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

Anna, Alicia & Hannah

Apparently 'ranga' is contagious and The Two Bucks Till Wednesdays girls are all falling prey. Ahaha, I jest, power to the ginger I say!


Lady in rock my world!

Bit of a Sex and the City moment here.

Now I could use your help with this post. Yet again I have neglected to get the names of most of the people I photographed. I think I let my excitement got the better of me as I frantically dashed from snazzy person to snazzy person: or perhaps it was just way to difficult juggling camera, clutch, champagne and mobile phone, either way this will not stand! If you know the names of any of these people I would really appreciate it if you could leave a quick comment. Many many thanks :)

Post Two coming very soon - catwalk snaps YAY


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