Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lets see the Style in Sydney.

As promised here are some snaps I took while on my little holiday over east. I didn't get too many, unfortunately, as I seemed to have some serious issues with remembering to take my camera out, and making sure my camera was charged when I did actually remember to bring the thing. My mistakes were drummed into me as every stunning, styled lady and quirky lad walked past me, and as you can imagine there was quite a few...sigh.


This little lady I found at the Phoenix concert, at Hordern Pavilion and she dubs herself 'Conceptual Annie' :)

Michelle & Sean

This smiling pair will have to be entered into my 'Style in the Shop' section once I organise, and properly tag all my post (gaaah I'll do it later). I found them in my new favourite little vintage store, Cream on King Street in Newtown.

I found the next two gorgeous gals at a secret Spank Rock gig in Sydney's Chinatown. I cant be more specific than that as I have no idea where I was except it had a sign for Spanish Tapas and as you can see, the decor seemed to fit this bill. Either way I had a grand spanking time, downing jugs of sangria and happily bopping about to a set of 70's psychedelic rock & pop.

It made a welcome change to the heavy electro and ever growing dub step scene that is common place in all our favourite watering holes, but that's just me;I like me old tunes I do.


I adore this look! Its so cute, colourful and probably one of the most unique ensembles that I've seen in awhile. The dress is one hell of a find; all the fun and kitsch of Nanna's crochet knee rugs, condensed in a sleek and vibrant print. Its just great, its all just so great :)

Tamika in a simply, striking outfit.

Naeem Juwan of Spank Rock


Dani said...

Lovely pics as always.

I'm pretty sure that Sean guy you snapped is in the band, Red Riders.

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