Monday, March 1, 2010

Ginger's style guide: How to wear High Waisted Hot Pants

Howdy from Sydney guys! The Boy and I arrived here bleary eyed at 7am having spent the previous day rocking out in the sweltering heat at Futuremusic, then dashing from Ascot to the airport to catch the Redeye: you gotta do what you gotta do. The first thing I found out when I arrived, as many silly people have done before me I am sure, is that I completed underestimated the difference in climate. Its hard to imagine you will need anything with sleeves when the days are basically hitting 40 in good ole Perth. I did pack a few warmer things, but not enough people, not enough! Its been drizzly and cold for the past couple of days, but do you know what, I am not complaining as I am a child of winter. Yep give me breeze, give me rain (when I'm safely indoors) and I will happily respond with layering and boots. Didn't bring boots though, meh all the more reason to hit the Sydney shops and start building up my warmer wardrobe.

While I am here I didn't want to neglect my blog so I thought I would have another style guide post. I huge trend emerging on all the recent runways and street style blogs is all those leggy ladies getting their undies out. We're seeing detailed underwear becoming more and more visible in the outfits, from ruffled bras, studded cropped bodices, suspender tights and, the focus of this particular post, hot pants.

Now you need to ask yourself a few questions when contemplating wearing hotpants;

Am I about to go on stage?


Am I going to the beach?

Clothing Fashion Trend

Am I about to step onto a runway?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then go nuts, all bets are off. Flash tonnes of leg, get your mid out and lets add studs, lots and lots of studs.

If you are about to step out for some mid day shopping in the city you may need to re-think. The tini-tiny hotpants are a difficult trend and are not for everyone, actually they're not for most (certainly not me and my thighs). If you are up to the challenge then this is what I suggest;

Wear them with stockings: Its the simplest way to downplay the risque nature of these little garments.

Tahti from Tahti Syrjala

Go a little corporate: A structured blazer or a long sleeve blouse adds that refined element you need to assure people that, no, I didn't forget to put on my trousers.



Cover em up: Put on a longer coat or even a long sheer top that extends past the shorts and your all sorted.

I'm going to have to dash now, sorry if this post seems a little rushed but Phoenix is waiting and I wouldn't want to disappoint the boys, they have come such a long way :)


Anne said...

SJP doesnt look too dashing there :S
good post tho, i agree, hot pants don't go with averyone (incl. me) :)

The Ginger Fox said...

haha I agree, not one of her best looks, but thats why we love her...and the mighty Patricia Field :)

jeanette said...

i believe most women look good in hot pants. Legs are very important assets...if you got them, show them off. =)

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