Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Ginger Fox goes to Sydney

Aquabumps : Beachobatics at Bondi

Its The Boy's birthday and to celebrate we are jetting off to Sydney for a week, to see the city, reunite with dear friends, shop up a storm, chillax poolside and bliss out to fine frenchies Phoenix. Its all quite exciting, my first Sydney visit, and I am especially excited to be away from home, away from the judgemental eyes of my janome that scream 'why are you watching neighbours when there is work to be girl...always work to be done'.Though not this week, oh no, little janome, singer overlocker and the mountainous piles of vintage beauties are just going to have to keep themselves amused. Perhaps they will play bridge, or the always popular duck, duck, goose.

ABC Arts Online

I will have my camera handy through out the trip and will attempt to bring you a whole heap of saucy Sydney style. Oh, and if you know of any oh-so-trendy-cannot-be-missed Sydney, hole in the wall establishments, be it shop, cafe or bar, please leave a comment as I'm in the mood to go hunting for hidden retail wonders. What's your favourite tell xox

HAMweather: Sydney Dust storm

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Style in the Shop: Mt Lawley Shop Assistants

Its what we've all been waiting for, the next installment of;


A catalogue of fashion forward shop assistants across Perth.

An attempt to document the lads and ladies who have their fingers on fashions pulse, first dibs at new season threads and the much coveted staff discount. This time its Mt Lawley's turn to shine, although I believe I went at a bad time because the people I wanted to photograph kept going on lunch. Therefore this will be Mt Lawley episode 1 with a sequel soon to follow.

The always stylish Meghan : Billi & Rose, Beaufort St

Happy Carmel : Department, Beaufort St

Her gorgeous deco swan brooch.
Now the following lassie is not a shop assistant or at least she is not a shop assistant where I found her, but I loved her look and thought I would include her as I did such a poor job of finding pics for this post. She's not a member of Style in the Shop but she is certainly stylish in a shop, that's all that matters right???


I could have tried harder during this outing, but who can do anything in this heat. I was melting like a pineapple popsicle as I dashed from shop to shop and it was awfully hard to get up the courage to leave those wonderful little oasis's of A/C. I perhaps spent a little too long in the icy cool Planet Books, spending quite the wad on all manner of books that took my fancy.
My two favourite purchases being;
Yvan Rodic's Facehunter for my bound and convenient street style inspiration fix, and
The Fashion Design Manual 2 by Pamela Stecker, which is such a great illustrated reference book.

Anywho, make sure you leave a comment if you have a suggestion on stylish shop assistants, or perhaps if you have a nice, shorter, pseudonym for the title, shop assistant, because we're Australian dammit and there must be a shorter word that would do the job.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fluttering around Freo

This is perhaps my favourite dress of all time. Its a wonderfully light, soft cotton/rayon creation that I picked up in a market in Copacabana, Rio De Janeiro. Ooh I sound so exotic haha but truth be told its the only real stand out piece of clothing I found during my entire time (3 and a half months) in South America, and I probably bought it half tipsy, a mohito in hand and flowers in hair...hmmm that does sound exotic doesn't it? I need to go travelling again, sigh.

This outstanding owl necklace just come in with an amazing bunch of vintage necklaces for The Ginger Fox collection. I couldn't resist taking it out for one little joy ride. It will be for sale, online pretty soon.

I couldn't resist taking a pic of my shoes on this grand, putrid, doctors surgery carpet. So there I was photographing my feet in a packed waiting room, that would have looked a little strange. Don't worry no one is sick, The Boy has rather a lot of freckles that need to be checked every now and then. Be sun smart kids.

An extra, unnecessary snap for you, but I have noticed a disturbing trend in my photos which has me staring mysteriously and demurely to the side. I'm not really fond of thoughtful, vogue, self portraits (though they are generally most flattering, particularly if I can get my hair to cover most/all of my face haha) so here is one with a more accurate representation of me. I'm a bit of an idiot most of the time, life is fun and I like to laugh. I also like to flutter this dress around, she sure is a beauty.

Dress: Market find Rio De Janeiro
Top: Broidery anglaise, Perth thrift store find
Shoes: Leather & suede wingtip heels, Perth thrift store find
Bag: Perth thrift store
Necklace: Owl -The Ginger Fox find
Bicycle: Market find, Ecuador

Clothing rack from HELL!

I have now had two serious incidents with a particular one of my clothing racks which leads me to believe that this contraption is much more than it appears to be. It pretends to be an innocuous, run of the mill garment rack comprised of various metal rods welded and slotted together, but beneath this chrome exterior resides a heart of pure darkness. Meet SATAN'S CLOTHING RACK!


Here is me innocently pondering whether my rack needs to be raised (quite a clever little rack, it has 3 height levels)

Though probably not a smart idea to attempt a raise when the rack is fully loaded.

The silver beast took swift revenge slicing a significant rectangular chunk out of my right index finger.

Flash forward to another, up to this point, delightful day. My racks act as a trolley to transport my gear to my jolly blue trailer, and I was packed up and ready to depart.

With a small push on the side post, the top rail dislodges and sling shots into my face.

I then perform the little dance I like to call 'Whoosh of the Windmill Arms'

Arm flailing inevitably proving useless, I land smack on my bum and sit dazed for a few minutes. This whole episode proving hilarious to the many skater boys and girls who turned up to the Leederville skate park for a state skating competition directly behind my stall. Though I do believe I turned out to be a highlight in the half time entertainment.
Damn you Satan's rack!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Two Bucks Till Wednesday at the Perth Cultural Centre Markets

Wooo people, two proper posts in one day, who's been a busy girl. I am trying to stay ahead with my bloggy blog as I'm finding I have a lot of ideas on what to publish that simply fall through the cracks in my mind, never to see the light of day. Will I manage to maintain this level of dedication remains to be seen.

Behold the vintage loving lads and ladies who stormed the Perth Cultural Centre Markets this Sunday past because of five simple words;

Two Bucks Till Wednesday sale.

I was lucky to catch two lovely ladies frolicking in a fountain

Erin - The maroon skirt makes this outfit.

Oh golly gosh do I love woven leather pixie boots but can I find any in my size. Not even ebay and etsy have helped me in this quest, but I will find them, oh yes mark my words I will find them.

Now the following two pics make me giggle because, for you blog following fanatics, you would know that these styling cats have already appeared on Dropstitch. Its gotta make you feel good though to head out for your day and be confronted at every turn by strangers with cameras who want to share your outfit with the wacky world wide web. I would defy you not to think;
I'm looking goooood!

Chloe & Mikah

Jay - wow wow!

So sweet Bec

I have never managed to make it to a Two Bucks sale so I was stoked this time to have front row seats to the spectacle. The best part, listening to all the girls, as they arrive, discussing their game plan.

"now I'm going to head to dresses, you cover shoes, we're talking brogues, deck shoes and watch your sizing we wont get another chance at this! Who has bags? Right stay sharp girls, watch your backs and don't be scared to use an elbow or two! OK......BREAK"

Alright, I am exaggerating slightly but you get the idea, twas glorious madness.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

When the wind blows... my racks fall down alot

Another day, another Leedy market. I am growing rather fond of my Saturdays on the grass, surrounded by beautiful dresses from across the decades ahhhh. I only have a month left at the Oxford St Markets so I'm trying to appreciate my time there. If you haven't been there before, naughty, shame on you, you are missing out on what has become quite a wonderful little burgeoning market scene. There is some really amazing stalls selling all manner of wonderful things including locally designed clothing, silver and semi precious stone jewelery, crazy vibrant glass jewellery (very different from your usual glass jewellery, meh I'll get you a pic next time) from Argentina and yummy yummy bratwurst.

The best of all, these markets have at least 3-4 vintage stalls a week! I know I just sound like I am trying to advertise so ya'll will come on down, that's ok because you'll see what I mean if you do come along. Its like the hidden Perth vintage lovers materialised from nothing to converge every Saturday and share their amazing treasures. I don't think I have had a Saturday where I haven't left with something from the other girls stalls. Oooh that's an idea for a post, I will post pictures of my stall finds soon :)

Meet Tulay.

This is a pretty nice polished outfit huh? Fun with her studded skull bag and mariner stripes but...

check out these jeans YO! (blame The Boy for that expression, its one of his favourites round the house) An amazing op shop find apparently! I don't think you could do much better, they are practically spray on they fit so well, and that stitching is just amazing. Just to ensure they top the list for well-wicked-wish-they-were-mine-but-there-is-no-way-I-would-get-my-bum-in-those-so-I'm-glad-she-found-them-instead, they have the mini jeans, silver stamping on the label.

doh doh doh lost the name again

Vintage stall owners Claire & Lindsay on a wonderfully co-ordinated bathroom break

Vintage stall owner Bridget

This necklace truly rocks (hmmm unintentional pun). The blue stone part was bought from the Oxford St Markets and Bridget added the silver medallion which belonged to her grandmother. Its so Cory Kennedy.

Tis a mighty breeze that blows through the market at closing time. Many a mirror has fallen to its power, and recently the clothing racks have been toppling too. Though nothing we cant handle with ropes, tent pegs and rolls and rolls of masking tape.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Amongst greenery in green Laura Ashely

I had a rent inspection looming earlier this week and what better way to prepare for it then going shopping for pot plants and walking through parks. Ah I jest, there was much scrubbing done and the house is now a clean slate again. Its all a bit different now with just me and The Boy living here, my darling best friend off gallivanting round the world (love and miss you H). Share house no more, I am beginning to appreciate that the design and decor is now entirely my decision. But what of The Boy?? haha he has his designated boy room with decks and drums though with the proviso that all posters must be in frames and not willy-nilly, blue tacked to walls. So it was with this new sense of ownership of my home that I went shopping for pot plants in, what most likely to will turn out to be, a futile attempt to cultivate a green thumb.

This is Petri, he is a Sanservieria Trifasciata also known as Mother in Law's tongue.

My plant buying tip, for renowned botanical killers such as myself, is to ignore all the lovely, leafy, colourful varieties. March straight up to an assistant and ask what is really hard to kill, and I mean we are talking severe neglect here.

I was enjoying wearing my cropped, Laura Ashley, green corduroy dress so much I thought I'd better share it with you, along with my ginger tabby cat brooch.

I love this bag, in my opinion it goes with everything, but I'm just a gal rather partial to her colour and bold prints.

The forest green corduroy has such a wonderful heavy drape, it just swamps you, and I like to take a second and pretend I'm a waif; a 5 foot 10, busty, size 10/12 waif haha. The ties on the side are just enough to give it that little bit of shape it needs so I don't look like I've just stepped out of a maternity store.

Dress: Laura Ashley, local thrift store find (go Perth)
Shoes: Betts
Bag: Thrify thrift store find
Specs: Rays, prescription for me dodgy peepers.
Brooch: Vintage unworn deadstock, The Ginger Fox

Rachel and Henry Climb a Hill EP launch

Bit behind on my posts people but I will try and get up to speed. Here are some pictures from the Fremantle Arts Centre last Saturday night where bright and bubbly folk band Rachel & Henry Climb a Hill launched there debut EP. It was a really gorgeous night with an extremely relaxed crowd reclining on picnic rugs among flowers, lanterns and kites in trees. To be expected in fun Freo, maxi dresses and colourful gypsy skirts were abundant as was boys with beads in their hair and no shoes on. There was even a beautiful old golden retrieved ambling through the crowd to complete the scene.

Rachel Gorman and Brett Crabtree (not to forget the drummer Willem Lieftink not pictured)

The back of this dress was gorgeous, but where is the pic you ask. Ah yes I didn't think to get it until she was walking away from me and then I lost her. Drat.

twas a musical night

It was an eclectic set with the three band members rotating on instruments including guitar, drums, keys, ukulele and my favourite, melodica. To make sure we got our fill of sound they also invited to the stage guest performers on cello, saxophone and drums. By the end of the performance it was quite a joyous occasion with what I imagine to be the family and friends of the band dancing wildly in one giant, smiling, hugging mosh.

Check out Rachel and Henry Climb a Hill here on Triple J unearthed.

Monday, February 15, 2010

In lieu of a camera in Leederville

I had the ultimate bad timing on the weekend. I left the SLR camera at home opting for the less cumbersome point and snap canon only to get to market, fire it up and see the sad little red flashing battery icon. Ah well I thought, never mind, whats one week of missed photos huh... I failed to take into consideration that perhaps a committee of style had been formed, or a facebook group for wicked threads or even tweets about an impromptu gathering of Perth's fashionistas. Some form of planning must have been involved because I was blown away by just how good everyone look. I saw incredible brogue shoes, tailored white linen singlet shirts (so summer), a sculptured castle ring, bold haircuts and vibrant lippie. Of all days to not have a camera siiiiiigh. I briefly toyed with the notion of taking blurry pixelated camera phone pics but in the end I went with inconspicuously sketching some of the lovely ladies when they weren't looking.Sly aint I haha

To provide a little explanation for my scrawling; lovely lady 1 was wearing a gorgeous coral vintage dress with a darling floral pattern. I just lovely how she teamed it with all white accessories and shoes.
Lovely lady 2 was rocking an oh so awesome acid wash skirt with exposed zip. She used one of my favourite tricks and pined a bow to the waist band with a great gold & black button/brooch at its centre.
Lovely lady 3 always looks lovely and is probably my number one Ginger Fox regular. She wore an oversized cotton sleeveless blouse covering her denim cut offs. Heeled boots, heart shaped bag, bangles galore, huge rings and to cap it all off hot pink lipstick.

Lovely Chook 1 went for the naturalist look which I think was a really smart choice as the grey tones from the buildings really made his feathers pop.

P.s. If you recognise yourself, make my day and leave a comment. Im particulary looking forward to hearing from monster chicken :)