Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fluttering around Freo

This is perhaps my favourite dress of all time. Its a wonderfully light, soft cotton/rayon creation that I picked up in a market in Copacabana, Rio De Janeiro. Ooh I sound so exotic haha but truth be told its the only real stand out piece of clothing I found during my entire time (3 and a half months) in South America, and I probably bought it half tipsy, a mohito in hand and flowers in hair...hmmm that does sound exotic doesn't it? I need to go travelling again, sigh.

This outstanding owl necklace just come in with an amazing bunch of vintage necklaces for The Ginger Fox collection. I couldn't resist taking it out for one little joy ride. It will be for sale, online pretty soon.

I couldn't resist taking a pic of my shoes on this grand, putrid, doctors surgery carpet. So there I was photographing my feet in a packed waiting room, that would have looked a little strange. Don't worry no one is sick, The Boy has rather a lot of freckles that need to be checked every now and then. Be sun smart kids.

An extra, unnecessary snap for you, but I have noticed a disturbing trend in my photos which has me staring mysteriously and demurely to the side. I'm not really fond of thoughtful, vogue, self portraits (though they are generally most flattering, particularly if I can get my hair to cover most/all of my face haha) so here is one with a more accurate representation of me. I'm a bit of an idiot most of the time, life is fun and I like to laugh. I also like to flutter this dress around, she sure is a beauty.

Dress: Market find Rio De Janeiro
Top: Broidery anglaise, Perth thrift store find
Shoes: Leather & suede wingtip heels, Perth thrift store find
Bag: Perth thrift store
Necklace: Owl -The Ginger Fox find
Bicycle: Market find, Ecuador


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