Thursday, February 4, 2010

I curse you technology

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So that pretty much sums up my current predicament. Unfortunately there was more wrong with the computer than first anticipated, of course, so it will be a number of weeks until it is in working order again. This poses a problem as Troy and I have dedicated countless hours filling that laptop up with every photo, program and document essential to our respective lives without (shoot me now) backing anything up. I can now hear you all shaking your heads and muttering 'well you should have backed it up now shouldn't you tsk tsk'. Well that's all good and well if your external hard drive you purchase for that express purpose doesn't die after only a week, taking with it tonnes of files you will never get back and hence causing irrevocable damage to your faith in backup systems. GAAAAAH
*calming breath*
On a happier note, all my dear friends have come to our aid with loaner computers so the style pics should keep on coming. Yay for friends, boo technology


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