Monday, February 1, 2010

The Ginger Fox at the Oxford Street Markets

I was excited for last Saturdays stall as finally the forecast was for much more manageable temperatures in the who-can-believe-it below 30 range. As it turns out my excitement was short lived and was quite literally blown away by the gale force winds whipping through the market place. Retail in the great outdoors people..sigh. None the less I had a lovely day, holding firmly to my marque and peddling my wares to smiling Leedy folk.

Lily in quite the outfit. Vintage styling with gorgeous details from the spots on her socks to her cute bolo tie. I will endeavour to get some close ups in future.

Leo with all the extras; western fringing and an wonderfully eclectic assortment of pendants and charms.

I was very happy to see another Ginger Fox dress come walking back into my stall and doesnt she wear it well :)

Jasmine and her ruby doll called ummm.. Michka perhaps, ahh when will i learn to write down names

The Leederville markets are quite the vintage hub it turns out. Fellow stall holders offer grand collections of vibrant dresses, statement bags, rock concert tees and all those special little doodads to make any retro lover smile.


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