Wednesday, February 10, 2010

so much to blog about but can I do it???

Share in my frustration dear friends. I have a whole assortment of sassy style pics just sitting, stagnant, waiting to be posted but can I do it? Nope!
My problem is I simply cannot work out how to do what I have envisioned for my next post because I am incapable of using photoshop on a Mac. It all seems so simple, its the same program and I have become quite the photoshop expert in recent days (oh yeeeeah), yet this all goes out the window in the face of that evil, ivory apple.

Nothing against Mac users, I just don't have the patience to learn all the new doodads and whatsits to get it all going. I can't even work out how to hook up my Super Nintendo, the best of all gaming consoles I may add, all by myself. Does that mean its time for me to put on a long wool skirt with a beige long sleeve blouse, fill my pockets full of stale bread and set of in search of a park bench and some hungry pigeons? Naaaah I will prevail, stay tuned :)


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