Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rachel and Henry Climb a Hill EP launch

Bit behind on my posts people but I will try and get up to speed. Here are some pictures from the Fremantle Arts Centre last Saturday night where bright and bubbly folk band Rachel & Henry Climb a Hill launched there debut EP. It was a really gorgeous night with an extremely relaxed crowd reclining on picnic rugs among flowers, lanterns and kites in trees. To be expected in fun Freo, maxi dresses and colourful gypsy skirts were abundant as was boys with beads in their hair and no shoes on. There was even a beautiful old golden retrieved ambling through the crowd to complete the scene.

Rachel Gorman and Brett Crabtree (not to forget the drummer Willem Lieftink not pictured)

The back of this dress was gorgeous, but where is the pic you ask. Ah yes I didn't think to get it until she was walking away from me and then I lost her. Drat.

twas a musical night

It was an eclectic set with the three band members rotating on instruments including guitar, drums, keys, ukulele and my favourite, melodica. To make sure we got our fill of sound they also invited to the stage guest performers on cello, saxophone and drums. By the end of the performance it was quite a joyous occasion with what I imagine to be the family and friends of the band dancing wildly in one giant, smiling, hugging mosh.

Check out Rachel and Henry Climb a Hill here on Triple J unearthed.


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