Thursday, February 18, 2010

Amongst greenery in green Laura Ashely

I had a rent inspection looming earlier this week and what better way to prepare for it then going shopping for pot plants and walking through parks. Ah I jest, there was much scrubbing done and the house is now a clean slate again. Its all a bit different now with just me and The Boy living here, my darling best friend off gallivanting round the world (love and miss you H). Share house no more, I am beginning to appreciate that the design and decor is now entirely my decision. But what of The Boy?? haha he has his designated boy room with decks and drums though with the proviso that all posters must be in frames and not willy-nilly, blue tacked to walls. So it was with this new sense of ownership of my home that I went shopping for pot plants in, what most likely to will turn out to be, a futile attempt to cultivate a green thumb.

This is Petri, he is a Sanservieria Trifasciata also known as Mother in Law's tongue.

My plant buying tip, for renowned botanical killers such as myself, is to ignore all the lovely, leafy, colourful varieties. March straight up to an assistant and ask what is really hard to kill, and I mean we are talking severe neglect here.

I was enjoying wearing my cropped, Laura Ashley, green corduroy dress so much I thought I'd better share it with you, along with my ginger tabby cat brooch.

I love this bag, in my opinion it goes with everything, but I'm just a gal rather partial to her colour and bold prints.

The forest green corduroy has such a wonderful heavy drape, it just swamps you, and I like to take a second and pretend I'm a waif; a 5 foot 10, busty, size 10/12 waif haha. The ties on the side are just enough to give it that little bit of shape it needs so I don't look like I've just stepped out of a maternity store.

Dress: Laura Ashley, local thrift store find (go Perth)
Shoes: Betts
Bag: Thrify thrift store find
Specs: Rays, prescription for me dodgy peepers.
Brooch: Vintage unworn deadstock, The Ginger Fox


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