Thursday, February 11, 2010

Splashes of colour in Perth city

In the words (or song to be more accurate) of Disney's genie of the lamp;
“All hail the conquering hero!"

There is undoubtedly a more significant historical reference for that particular quote, but in my world of crashing computers and massively excessive movie viewing (plus my mad love for the movie Aladdin) it sums up exactly how I feel to be publishing this post. I have been chipping away at this relatively simple task for so long now that only trumpets, streamers and fanfare teamed with the vocal talents of Robin Williams could expressive my feelings of triumph.

So go on, have a lookie and appreciate some colourful Perth expression.

This months Aussie Vogue is all about the revival of vibrant surf fashion, though I'd say bold Dee needs no tips.

I couldn't resist featuring the beautiful street art in an around the Perth Cultural Centre. I really hope this art will still have a place in the city when the re-development construction work is complete.


Siahne & Natalie

I was happy with my fringed skirt I found recently in a thrift store rummage, but fringed shorts!!! Nice one Lissi

A tribute to Pop Art and Campbell's soup


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