Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Ginger Fox takes five for Christmas

Happy Holidays dearests.. sorry for the severe lack of new posts on here, but hey it was Christmas. Hope you all had a wonderful day and I hope that all your party plans come to glorious fruition for your upcoming New Years - new decade baby woo.

For a little something different, Ginger Fox goodies can be found at the Oxford St Markets this Saturday 2nd January. So shake off the last of your New Years hangover and come down and say hey :) We will be at the Perth Cultural Centre Markets on Sunday as usual.

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Ginger Fox meets a Perth christmas flash mob

Another scorching Perth weekend down and Christmas is all but here. I spent a bit of time on Sunday dashing from my stall to pick up those last minute pressies, thankfully my darling photographer was there to fill in for me. The city was rather busy, as expected, but I did get to witness a fun unexpected event in the form of a Christmas dance flash mob. Always a fan of a good flash mob (i saw an awesome Zombie one in Leederville that did leave me feeling a little disturbed..I am not a fan of the Zombie regardless of cult status..eek) this one did
not disappoint. It started with one brave girl, pictured below in the grey singlet and ruffle skirt, dancing alone with members of the crowd slowly joining her. I always loved that scene in Weeds where they dance to the Michael Franti song so I was very pleased to get to see one in person. I have to say too it was much more heart warming than the normal festive season, spandex leotards and glittered dance troops that perform. Although tis a brave girl to frolic around in bedazzled dance get-up!

Had to interrupt Rachel's shopping to get a pic of her awesome shorts.

Had Gemma stayed a little longer I may have pinched her glasses right off her head. Love em!

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Ginger Fox: Christmas goodies to be had at Perth Market

Christmas time is here and if your anything like me you have some serious last minute shopping to do. Well we thought we would help out and roll out some affordable vintage and handmade treasures. First up we have a some vintage PJ's in a variety of colours and prints. They were a very lucky find as they are deadstock and hence, unworn and as new. Lets all bring a little vintage spice to the bedroom grrrr.

PJ noodle box set - $20

Fabric covered items handmade for The Ginger Fox - $12

Vintage and vintage inspired fabric bowtie hairclips - $8

Gorgeous pocket mirrors handmade for The Ginger Fox - $8

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Another Sunday in the city and boy oh boy was it hot! I saw wide brimmed hats galore, parasols and gleaming white, just sunscreened skin from my little stalls vantage point. I also saw some wonderful summer style, enjoy the pics :)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Ginger Fox plays catch up on Perth fashion

Here is an assortment of photos of stylin Perth kids that I have collected over the past week or so. I have to apologise to all photographees whose names I forgot (lost my scrap of paper I wrote them on) but feel free to comment and claim yourself if you want :)

Shelby took time away from selling gorgeous handmade cotton items to sketch some worldly wildlife.
What a bright and happy duo

chic simplicity

kick ass harem pants at Atlas Divine, Leederville

tip top trio at the Rosemount for the Perth Dance Music Awards.


Man in canoe in empty fountain... I like your style!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Ginger Fox goes to Friday night at the Hyde Park Hotel

I left my pre-stall prep work briefly on Friday night to step out and support local Perth bands at the Hyde Park Hotel. It was a pretty impressive line-up over two stages you could say (back of the bar and front of the bar :) I couldn't stay long but I was there long enough to snap some pics of some fun looking people and to watch TV Nation perform a very tight set.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Ginger Fox loves Megan Isabella illustrations

I have been keeping a close eye on my letter box of late, eagerly awaiting my own personal illustrations from local Perth illustrator, Megan Isabella. Miss Megan creates a myriad of vintage inspired paper doll drawings with swirly hair, rosy cheeks and toddler like cuteness. Earlier this year she started the Paper Doll Project where she created these darling pieces of art from photos submitted by real people. So quick as a whistle I sent my pics off and low and behold, two absolutely adorable paper people arrive in the mail. Not bad I say :)

and here are the original photos.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Ginger Fox goes to Stereosonic 2009

So I flagged on my Sunday stall this weekend and dedicated myself to a day of dance at Stereosonic. It was a welcome change to boogie on down in the Claremont showgrounds and not be at Big Day Out. With camera in hand, I hunted through the crowd for my favourite festival threads.

Now admittedly I didn't get too many pictures of styling party boys and girls. I blame this on how distracted I was by just how many people were sporting the obvious trends of the season. Tie dye tops the list with just about every second girl wearing a tie dye something or other. It wasn't just restricted to the girls, with a fair spattering of boys getting in the act too. The other resounding picks of the summer were acid wash faux 80s gym shorts, bandage skirts and lots and lots of flesh peaking through lace, crochet and one piece, cut out swim suits. It made me giggle a little to see a few girls really ticking all the trend boxes with the acid wash, short shorts over a tini tiny, tie dye, cut out one piece. But either way everyone looked bright and summery and the fun filled festival spirit was alive and well.

And it is for the festival spirit that I present my homage to the tried and tested tradition of... MATCHING OUTFITS.

That's all for now, hope you had a great day if you went and I'll be seeing you at the next one

Jamie was a bit of a hit... BAHAHAHAHA ahh dad jokes