Thursday, February 25, 2010

Style in the Shop: Mt Lawley Shop Assistants

Its what we've all been waiting for, the next installment of;


A catalogue of fashion forward shop assistants across Perth.

An attempt to document the lads and ladies who have their fingers on fashions pulse, first dibs at new season threads and the much coveted staff discount. This time its Mt Lawley's turn to shine, although I believe I went at a bad time because the people I wanted to photograph kept going on lunch. Therefore this will be Mt Lawley episode 1 with a sequel soon to follow.

The always stylish Meghan : Billi & Rose, Beaufort St

Happy Carmel : Department, Beaufort St

Her gorgeous deco swan brooch.
Now the following lassie is not a shop assistant or at least she is not a shop assistant where I found her, but I loved her look and thought I would include her as I did such a poor job of finding pics for this post. She's not a member of Style in the Shop but she is certainly stylish in a shop, that's all that matters right???


I could have tried harder during this outing, but who can do anything in this heat. I was melting like a pineapple popsicle as I dashed from shop to shop and it was awfully hard to get up the courage to leave those wonderful little oasis's of A/C. I perhaps spent a little too long in the icy cool Planet Books, spending quite the wad on all manner of books that took my fancy.
My two favourite purchases being;
Yvan Rodic's Facehunter for my bound and convenient street style inspiration fix, and
The Fashion Design Manual 2 by Pamela Stecker, which is such a great illustrated reference book.

Anywho, make sure you leave a comment if you have a suggestion on stylish shop assistants, or perhaps if you have a nice, shorter, pseudonym for the title, shop assistant, because we're Australian dammit and there must be a shorter word that would do the job.


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