Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Clothing rack from HELL!

I have now had two serious incidents with a particular one of my clothing racks which leads me to believe that this contraption is much more than it appears to be. It pretends to be an innocuous, run of the mill garment rack comprised of various metal rods welded and slotted together, but beneath this chrome exterior resides a heart of pure darkness. Meet SATAN'S CLOTHING RACK!


Here is me innocently pondering whether my rack needs to be raised (quite a clever little rack, it has 3 height levels)

Though probably not a smart idea to attempt a raise when the rack is fully loaded.

The silver beast took swift revenge slicing a significant rectangular chunk out of my right index finger.

Flash forward to another, up to this point, delightful day. My racks act as a trolley to transport my gear to my jolly blue trailer, and I was packed up and ready to depart.

With a small push on the side post, the top rail dislodges and sling shots into my face.

I then perform the little dance I like to call 'Whoosh of the Windmill Arms'

Arm flailing inevitably proving useless, I land smack on my bum and sit dazed for a few minutes. This whole episode proving hilarious to the many skater boys and girls who turned up to the Leederville skate park for a state skating competition directly behind my stall. Though I do believe I turned out to be a highlight in the half time entertainment.
Damn you Satan's rack!


matilda&lenore said...

aww! *hugs*

uglygirl said...

I'm sorry to hear of your injuries but this was highly amusing!

maxxie said...

too funny!!

The Ginger Fox said...

yes there is no use crying over spilt milk and fat lips :)

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