Monday, February 22, 2010

Two Bucks Till Wednesday at the Perth Cultural Centre Markets

Wooo people, two proper posts in one day, who's been a busy girl. I am trying to stay ahead with my bloggy blog as I'm finding I have a lot of ideas on what to publish that simply fall through the cracks in my mind, never to see the light of day. Will I manage to maintain this level of dedication remains to be seen.

Behold the vintage loving lads and ladies who stormed the Perth Cultural Centre Markets this Sunday past because of five simple words;

Two Bucks Till Wednesday sale.

I was lucky to catch two lovely ladies frolicking in a fountain

Erin - The maroon skirt makes this outfit.

Oh golly gosh do I love woven leather pixie boots but can I find any in my size. Not even ebay and etsy have helped me in this quest, but I will find them, oh yes mark my words I will find them.

Now the following two pics make me giggle because, for you blog following fanatics, you would know that these styling cats have already appeared on Dropstitch. Its gotta make you feel good though to head out for your day and be confronted at every turn by strangers with cameras who want to share your outfit with the wacky world wide web. I would defy you not to think;
I'm looking goooood!

Chloe & Mikah

Jay - wow wow!

So sweet Bec

I have never managed to make it to a Two Bucks sale so I was stoked this time to have front row seats to the spectacle. The best part, listening to all the girls, as they arrive, discussing their game plan.

"now I'm going to head to dresses, you cover shoes, we're talking brogues, deck shoes and watch your sizing we wont get another chance at this! Who has bags? Right stay sharp girls, watch your backs and don't be scared to use an elbow or two! OK......BREAK"

Alright, I am exaggerating slightly but you get the idea, twas glorious madness.


Sissy said...

great pics unfortuanately couldnt make it. In regards to the woven boots they have some cute one on the Urban outfitters site :)

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