Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Technology, why don't you like me?

If your a follower of the blog, you will be aware that technology and I have not had the smoothest of relationships. In fact it has been a bit of a one sided battle, with technology significantly kicking my butt. The issues with the laptop started back in early February when Mr Toshiba laptop decided to melt it's hard drive and motherboard into a highly convenient molten mess (
here's the post).

After a length vacation abroad, Mr TL returned with all new parts, ready and raring to get back into the daily grind. Its battery, however, did not share this refreshing new work ethic and steadfast refused to return to work. Faced with no alternatives, I wave goodbye to Mr TL and his stubborn battery, as they head off for another long stint in the workshop. Frustration, frustration, frustration and I haven't even told you about my dilemmas with Ms Nokia phone!

The tally as it stands;



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