Thursday, April 1, 2010

Beautiful Birthday Bag

It was my birthday early in the week and I had a simply sublime little day with The Boy. He spoilt me rotten with a giant breakfast in bed which he learnt how to cook on the fly. I happily began chowing down on his perfectly prepared creation only to find out that it was, in fact, attempt No.2. He then brings in his breaky, attempt No.1, which can only be described as various unidentifiable, charred food products on toast. This of course made the gesture all the more abourable and I made sure to reward The Boy with some of my bacon.

After this wonderful start to the day, we headed out for a day of op shopping, coffee and Ikea. No better way to spend the day really, is there? To answer my own question, yes there is. You can partake in op shopping, coffee and Ikea...WITH A GORGEOUS NEW BAG! My pressie from The Boy, this amazing, oh-so-soft, lucious leather delight. It was a great day :)

Can't get enough of the thing.


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