Saturday, April 3, 2010

Trinkets & low light photography practice

I honestly think I may spontaneously combust if I have any more dramas with electrical appliances. This blog post has taken me two days and countless attempts to post and I am by no means exaggerating. The loaner computer I am working on is sadly old and feeble and certainly not up to the task I demand of it. However, despite the continual error messages that take 2 minutes to disappear off screen, and despite the screen going black so that you're forced to restart, and despite the computer just simply deciding it's had enough and turning off, I am is posted! In the meantime my phone (which was actually a loaner phone as my contract phone bit the dust earlier this year)officially died last night. Final straw, the speakers on the TV/DVD just blew, very nearly taking my sanity with them.
Enough whining now, hope you enjoy my series of low light experimental photos.

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