Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Style in the Shop: Mt Lawley Part 2

Its what we've all been waiting for, the next installment of;


A catalogue of fashion forward shop assistants across Perth. As promised, after the shameful, pixelated photos I took with my little canon compact that featured in Part 1, I returned to Mt Lawley lugging big brother SLR canon. This time I left with a smile on my face, satisfied that the job was indeed done, and done right.

Klara & Alana : Planet Video - Beaufort St

Kate : Planet Video - Beaufort St

Jacqueline : Libertine - Chelmsford St/Beaufort St

Hayley : Billi & Rose - Beaufort St

Belinda & Alex : Elroy - Beaufort St


Anonymous said...

*Swoons at Alex from Elroy*

The Ginger Fox said...

ooh what a great response. Made my day!

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