Saturday, April 24, 2010

Blog advertising: Nuffnang ads

You may have noticed that I have recently placed an ad spot in my sidebar. Now I hope this doesn't deter you fine readers. I needed the blog to earn a little extra pocket money so that I could justify to myself the time I invest in it. Being self employed you really have to manage your time so carefully to further your business, have a healthy lifestyle and perhaps even have a social life. My answer - this baby needed to make some MON-AY (oh dear haha). I went with Nuffnang ads : it seemed a lot of fashion bloggers recommended them as you can be extremely selective about the ads you want shown. I'm happy with the results: I have a fashion related, nice little picture in my sidebar that doesn't seem to obtrusive. It certainly doesn't pop-up, spiral and flash all over the screen which is always a plus.

Now perhaps I'm taking my role as advertiser too far, but I had to check out the Yesstyle site - there are some really cute things on there! I got stuck trawling through their shorts range and found a few unbearably cute little numbers that really reflect the underwear as outerwear trend from the 2009/2010 runways.

I love this last picture! I was looking to buy some crinoline petticoats for some of my 50's style vintage dresses, which I will probably still get. However, these little petticoat bloomers are so adorable , wouldn't you just feel amazing having these peep out from under your skirts, and they are a little less dressy than the full crinoline. I may have to give them a try. Oooh I wonder if they come in black?


Carly Findlay said...

I have also tried Nuffnang, but nothing has happened yet, I am just seeing the logo. Maybe others who view my blog see ads?
Meanwhile, I've made 86 cents through Google!
I really enjoy your blog. It's all very pretty and inspirational.

Jess said...

There is absolutely nothing wrong with blog ads in this day and age. We put so much love and time into our pages and I think it is fair enough that we can seek sponsorship for this if we want.

I adore the bloomer pics, too cute!

Great to see a Perth blogger celebrating all the wonders of our little city.

- Jess

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