Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ginger's Style Guide: Ankle socks trend

With all style guides, there will be exceptions to thses rules. However, to play it safe and rock this revolving, age old trend - Ankle socks- here's my tips.

  • wear them with chunky, strappy heels, ankle boots and flats
  • wear lace, whether it be a cute trim or dainty lace socks
  • scrunch them down a little
  • wear them in neutral shades, this has been huge on all the latest catwalks i.e tan, camel, grey and nude.
  • Try out a soft, feminine print.



  • wear them with flat sandals
  • roll them down
  • wear loud, gaudy prints, you'll look clownish
  • wear closed shoes with socks in a stark contrasting shade, i.e black and white, red and green. It may looks like you belong in 'Grease'.
  • Try and get away with using your sports socks. Thin and light socks are key for this trend.



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