Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ginger's Style Guide: Socks and Stockings

Continuing on from my post on ankle socks, I thought I would post on another hosiery trend - Socks and Stockings. I love this look, its so chic and sexy. It is especially suited to those that are on the fence with the over the knees boots look. If you wear all black shades and a set of heels then WAAALLAH you have a softer version of this look.

Honey I stole your jumper


This little lady, Eszter from Vienna, is a literal queen of hosiery. If your after a bit of inspiration you should definitely check out this fashionista's pages. She also has a firm grasp on angelic shades with most of her outfits in whites, greys and pastels. Gorgeous!

Adeline Rapon

This is my favourite version of the look with its geek-chic charm.


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