Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Ginger Fox does Futuremusic 2010

What a lovely week I've just had in Sydney, but I'm home now and it's back to business as the style snaps are mounting up in my camera's memory. There should be quite a few posts coming your way in the next few days as I attempt to play catch up, so if you're one of the people I have accosted in the street, your pic is coming :) To get started here are a few I took at Futuremusic just before I made the dash to the airport.

Chris from Bagraiders

Loving the 'Mandles' I'm seeing appearing in the stores. No longer will guys be confined to pluggers and vans, lets see them get strappy.

The tie dye festival fad seems to be diminishing rapidly as the summer wears on with only a handful of baggy singlets and the odd maxi making an appearance. Ready to step up in its place was LACE! Lace, lace, everywhere lace.

You have to applaud these lovely ladies, you couldn't be more wonderfully co-ordinated if you tried. I didn't even ask if it was intentional, I would rather believe the style gods saw too it that this occurred simply to make us smile. Whats more, the dresses are really gorgeous! Loving the one shoulder number... too cute.

Where lace ended, stripes began. There was nautical numbers as far as the eye could see.

As you can probably tell, I am fascinated by the the style trends that emerge when you fence in 30,000 music loving people, out to look good and have a great time. There is no better gauge for whats in, whats out; whats coming and what should never, ever have been. I probably watch the people more than I do the acts.

Do you recognise this darling red head? Its Rusty Gates' more genetically fortunate sister Dusty Gates, otherwise known as Yolande. She's a sweetie.

Me with Empire of the Sun in the background there. This is my comfy country road dress, perfect for a dirty day at a music festival, then a stuffy four hour flight across the country.


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