Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Ginger Fox: Hot town, summer in Perth city

I have been out and about in the last few days, hitting up the first Perthquake sponsored night at the Republic on Friday night and then for a wander in trusty Leedy on scorching Sunday. Lets have a look at what I found shall we...

Jasmine looking like a little spunky angle in her spots and ruffles

dynamic duo Anna & Roland

and it couldn't be a Ginger Fox blog without a puppy, although this time the Maltese cutie inst mine. This is HR Puff n Stuff resident fluff ball of the Republic.

Jenny looking very fresh in her sunny stripes, tooled belt and vintage shades.

Stripes are a popular choice this summer and we all hope that we look like dear Kaitlin in them. Perfect from the curls to the bleached shorts, what a stunner.


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