Friday, January 15, 2010

The Ginger Fox: Perth style in the city

Had a bit of shopping to do for my stall tomorrow and while juggling plastic bags (I know I know but i keep forgetting my fold-away shopping tote grrrr) I managed to take a few pics of fresh, summery stylers.
p.s I know its going to be a stinker tomorrow poppets (what am i Dame Edna??) but if you can tear yourselves away from the aircon, then pop on down to the Oxford St markets and have a little browse through my vintage delights xox

Darling Abby has already graced my blog once but she sure does earn her place huh.

Sarah looking ultimate summer with a great splashes of colour.

Chantelle and Amber. Love the boho, off the shoulder, Hawaiian blouse.

Chris is wearing hands down my favourite T of the season. This little beauty was handmade for him by a friend. Awww googly eyes and felt never looked so good.

Jen with a great colour combo.

Seeing as I have your captive attention I have to share Indy's favourite new toy I picked up on my outing. Yay for the plush school bus. I do apologise for the many many puppy photos, but he is just so gosh darn cute!


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