Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Ginger Fox meets all the girls.

After a Christmas hiatus the camera is back in action dear friends. I set up shop at the Oxford Street Markets last weekend and was quite happy taking snaps of all the lovely leedy ladies and lads. Despite the soaring temperatures which are becoming the norm of late, there are still plenty of kids battling through it to wear something just that little bit different.

absolutely in love with this necklace, and way to tone it down with the blinging brooch and crucifix. Job well done Cathy :)

Catherine and Isabelle make a lovely pair in their floaty micro floral summer dresses and tan accessories


I forgot this fun couples name.. but i found them in Varga Girl in Leederville which is my favourite shop to simply walk around in. Round of applause to the Varga Girl merchandiser.

ok.. well this one is me, jumping on the my-outfit blogger bandwagon, but I do it for good reason. I love love love this cape I am wearing in the pic! Its a big round, silky, sparkly 80's number I stumbled across and it makes you feel like a super hero when you pull it across your face and run off into the night to fight bad guys. xox


maxxie said...

best cape ever!!

The Ginger Fox said...

aww thanks, i'm rather fond of it :)

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