Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Ginger Fox forgot how to use her camera

Dear oh dear, many apologies for the fuzzy, out of focus photos to follow. I'm not sure if I was in a hurry or my camera was dirty or I was so distracted by the thrilling threads I was trying to shoot, but something went awry and the result was dismal pics. I felt obliged to include them non the less as I generally interrupt all these lovely peoples fun times to make them stand awkwardly while an overly enthusiastic stranger takes happy snaps. So here you go, squint and enjoy :)


Loving navy floral tights, nice find Jamie (p.s. worst photo focus of the lot, sorry Jamie)

All dolled up Sarah

Some serious interruption of tea and cake time for Marica and Steve but I only did so in the name of sartorial delight.

Marcia kindly let me have a close up of her and her oh-so sweet good luck charm.


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