Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Ginger Fox is still smiling from Southbound

Southbound in a word... WOW! Three days,three nights of sun, friends, music, greasy food, booze and dirt. Finally WA has an epic summer festival and it seemed the appreciative punters were doing their best to make the most of it, putting body on the line in the name of good times. A stroll around the camp grounds after the last act revealed many a poor soul just struggling to keep it together. The final night was another story entirely with mini riots, airborne food and a mightily TP'd tree. But enough about the shambolic array of youth, lets talk acts.

Yeah Yeah Yeah's blew me away! I went to their metro show last time they were in town, but that was nothing in comparison to the show they put on on Sunday night. Karen O was a rock goddess, holding her audience spellbound with her theatrics. She started the show in a ragged black dress with fluttering, shredded sleeves, lettered print and a feather cuff/glove. Mid way through she added a gorgeous studded leather jacket that flashed a vibrant red lining. To cap it all off in the costume stakes, she emerged in her final outfit (above) for a gorgeous performance of Skeleton.
My other highlights were Andrew Bird, who I had never heard of but will be now loading onto my Ipod as soon as I possibly can. Dappled Cities put on a solid show and Major Laser got me grooving with a huge smile on my face at his antics. Datarock may have to take out the funnest moment award with Art Vs Science and Miami Horror joining the jumpsuit clad fellas on stage during Fa fa fa to form a male, can-can chorus line.

tan backpack and lace socks, so cute

I tried numerous times to take a pic of my last outfit and failed spectacularly (put it down to vanity people) so I drew a sketch. I did this so you could fully appreciate just how happy I was to watch Karen O while I was wearing a cape (my other cape, love em) I don't think there could be a more perfect time to twirl around in a cape.

bowler hats were very big this festival season

'abandon hope, all ye who enter here' we were a messy, messy bunch.


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