Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bougainvillea day

Two things were scheduled for today; rent inspection and the Times Square Winter Launch in Claremont. The result of these colliding events was a raked up pile of dried bougainvillea petals and a special vintage dress with heels. My housemate (Notion Photography) was kind enough to take some pretty snaps.

DRESS: Ginger Fox
SHOES: Witchery
RING: Street side stall, Peru & Kul Kul, Subiaco
EARRINGS: Kul Kul, Subiaco
GINGER: Bolstered

Despite it being an unruly thorny weed, I adore bougainvillea. I snip off a branch every week and put it in a bottle by my sunniest window. I take special consideration with my choice in branch, there are so many beautiful petal arrangements. One week i will have a windswept arrangement with all the colour off to one side. This week it is a sparse and low tri-bunch. It is ridiculous how happy it makes me to look on this little collection of items.

Today's movie - Paper Man - Just beautiful. Writers are a strange sort, watching the world yet struggling to be a part of it. It explores an interesting concept with gorgeous cinematic style and an appropriate amount of twee moments to tick the indie film boxes (the couch construction was a lovely touch). Do watch it, it's lovely.


Whimsically Random said...

These photos are seriously amazing love the light and contrast in them... so pretty xx

Bunny said...

I am a big sucker for flowers. I really love your photos and your outfit (especially the shoes) wow!!! I will give Paper man a try too. Thank you for the recommendation.

Chanelle said...

Hey, I think I have those shoes! Witchery, no?

Rosey said...

Heya! Yes this Clint of Notion Photography and other skills! We were chatting about our art businesses and whatnot, and then about how I was helping out on an animated film project, then he said how his housemate had just written and submitted this animated film grant application and I said, huh what's her name? I probably know her! Isn't it a small world :P btw it's nice to see your pics on your blog, gorgeous!

The Ginger Fox said...

Yup Chanelle, they are witchery shoes and i LUUUV them

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