Sunday, April 3, 2011

Written in stone

This is my first truly personal post. I am not the kind to delve into my private life on the Internet, however, this mornings task was just so ridiculously symbolic that I really feel the need to share it. Last year me and my long term partner, who I was living with, parted ways. Thankfully neither of us betrayed each other and it looks like we will one day be good friends.
Unfortunately for me, I remained in the house that was positively littered with reminders of our relationship. Most of them I am happy to keep as reminders of what were some lovely times, but the initials scrawled in the concrete in front of my house... they had to go!

So this brings me to this morning, when I sat on the footpath and chiseled away a concrete love note with a giant hammer. Life is just too funny.


Dont you know April Rose? said...

haha well done, that would have been very satisfying!

AquĆ­ said...

This is something I would do as well! I bet it was hard but also liberating!

The Ginger Fox said...

Thanks April & Aqui,im rather happy i finally sorted it out. Although i should have done it at night, people walked past and I would have looked quite strange haha

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