Sunday, May 1, 2011

South East Asian - Suburban Master Chef

I have some very clever pals indeed. Several of my foodie friends are members of a monthly Master Chef challenge night. A theme is decided and each would-be chef is assigned a course; entree, main, desert. The mighty setting for the latest culinary battle; exotic tastes of South East Asia.

I don't think I will be able to adequately express just how stuffed I was after this amazing feast. Now please excuse me as I have forgotten the names of the dishes, but I will try and make something up for you;


Chicken, coconut, chili and ginger soup.
Chicken Sung Choi Bao with purple & black sticky rice


Banana prawns, tom yum risotto cake,
Scallops garnished with pink grapefruit, kaffir lime leaf, and roasted garlic slice,
Golden money bags


Creamy rice pudding with roasted coconut.

Unfortunately we forgot to take photos of all the dishes but you get the idea; the kids can cook! My pick for the night - The light and zingy coconut, chicken, ginger soup.


Lindsey said...

This entry seriously had me drooling haha!

Pink Penguin said...

Oh I used to play masterchef with my housemates! Except I was never very good compared to my friends :( The chicken and ginger soup sounds yummy!!

Anonymous said...

This looks too delicious!

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