Sunday, March 27, 2011

Style and Smyth Balloon Twisting

Another Saturday and another market. This last market however was wildly entertaining as I was lucky enough to have a prime view of Mr Aaron Smyth's amazing balloon twisting talents. I never knew you could create such amazing designs with the humble sausage balloon. I was very quick to snap up a sky blue monkey to adorn my stall. He became my market mascot and got a fair amount of attention from the passers by. Best of all, when Mr Monkeys tail sadly popped at around 3pm, the Balloon guru himself came to the rescue and gave my monkey a fresh tail transplant. To cap the day off nicely, I was given a tini tiny turtle to take home. It was a great day!

I have popped (haha) onto Aaron's facebook page and pulled a few more examples of his creations. How cool are the super heroes?

So now I have a whole week to decide what creation to get next.

me and my monkey


Francesca said...

really adoring your style. i love markets, but sadly i dont go to many! x

AquĆ­ said...

what beautiful photos! I love the floral pants!

Tessa Kit said...

I love love seeing other Perth people dressed so fabulously! This is great <3

Teresa said...

Baloons are so much fun!!! :)

   ♥ Teresa ♥
- Pretty Dandy -

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