Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Street Art Wisdom


The Girl From Timbuktoo said...

Is that first pic from Perth? There's something kinda similar near my house, and I always wonder if there are more around ...

The Ginger Fox said...

Thats a pretty old picture taken in England. Has started a bit of a bike/fairy catch phrase :)
Whats the one near your house?
There are quite a few convert stencil artist out there. Its a wonderful movement!

Mia said...

Just found your blog today, I love it! Soo many pretty vintage dresses, I don't think I could part with them to sell. x

Orphin Lasz said...

Ehehehe great pictures! All of them are really interesting to look at, but it was the second one which really got my attention! It's really curious looking and cute, in a weird way * w *

...Going through your previous posts, you are quite talented, Miss! Specially that oil painting, you did a beautiful job with the shading and the use of textures. Great job!

If you are interested, I'm an artist, as well (my last post is about a portrait I just finished), and I would really appreciate getting your opinion ~ u ~

~ Orphin's Domains ~

Six Six Sick said...

Really amazing street art. Just got around to seeing the Banksy film and was so inspired!

valtteri said...

cool pictres!!!
really amazing!

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