Thursday, March 10, 2011

Life is grand when you're jumping on the bed.

I don't post pictures of myself very often; I cant say I'm the hugest fan of eyeballing myself. However, this is a blog, and I do hope you will care about what it is I have to say, so a little pic of myself from time to time is warranted I guess. Fellow bloggers out there, what are your thoughts on personal pics. I know a majority of blogs do showcase the authors pics and I love them for it. Some of the blogs incorporate such style and flair in their portraits that you cant help but fall in love with the style queens.

I am far happier behind the camera! Posting pictures of myself just makes me feel anxious and a little bit too vulnerable. Who else feels like this?
Well I hope you enjoy my blurry pics. These shots cause me no distress as I remain safely hidden behind locks of hair and muddled pixels.


Ashley said...

Your dog is so so cute! Awww! :)


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