Wednesday, September 15, 2010

PFF 15 Minutes! Quick squiz

I was lucky enough to be invited to attend '15 Minutes' for the Perth Fashion Festival last night. Not only that, I was given a front row seat! Safe to say, I was pretty excited to see the show, especially given the wonderful Emma Bergmeier of Dropstich was to thank for styling the night.

To quickly sum up, I met some amazingly sweet Perth bloggers, was blissfully happy front and centre for the show, have a camera full of runway and style shots and finally, have added at least 12 new essential pieces to my summer wardrobe wish list.

There will be another post to come with some more details and my favourite shots from the night, but for now here are a couple of videos I found of the show. You can see me pretty clearly, just look for the platinum curls, flailing camera wielding arms and really long legs. My dress was an unforgiving short vintage number that was only suitable if I stood perfectly still, but man oh man do I love it. Here's hoping I have a shot of it to show you all.

New Zealand designer, Roxanna Zamani, winner of the FTV Online Designer Awards


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