Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Blitz the Night

Okay so I have some serious catching up to do on the ole post front. Sitting in wait in the still working (touch wood) external hardrive is a growing collection of style, vintage and all round fashion full snaps from the past couple of months. My laptop has just returned from being repaired FOR THE FOURTH TIME THIS YEAR, so I will be doing my darndest to get all these old pictures up for you to have a squiz. Sure they are a little dated now in this fast paced Perth world but I owe it to the darling people that went to the trouble of posing for me to actually post their pic for the world to see.

First up, photos from Blitz the Night - August 21, 2010 @ Chris Huzzard studios, 104B Murray Street, Perth City.

A great night showcasing Perth designers and even yours truly, little ole vintage peddler - The Ginger Fox. It was so exciting to see some of my prized threads coming down the catwalk and luckily enough I had talented photographer Clint Conner along with me to capture the moment.

All up there was 16 entrants signed up for the Blitz the Night competition ; 7 Sins Swimwear, Natasha Mapleson, Alana & Co, Eco Peko, Fallen Feathers, Red Dusk Jewellery, Pardon my French, Silicone Saturdays, Jo Denham Designer Jeans, Rock a Frock, Elie Marie, Cassie Lee, Samantha/Ninety Seven Clothing, Madalyn Da Luz/Savannah Clothing, and Rommi Higgins/Scarlett Fashion.

Taking out the prizes for the night was designer Terryn Lee Hall from 7 Sins Swimwear and the Flemming Sisters from E-Boutique NinetySeven Clothing

You can check out more pictures from the night at the Perth Street Fashion facebook page


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