Sunday, September 19, 2010

15 Minutes - Snaps and smiles

Bloggers in the front row - Emma 'Dropstitch' & Miley 'Miley Styling'
Unfortunately I have forgotten who the other lovely lady is so feel free to comment and let me know.

Amazing architectural designs from Roxanna Zamani

My pick of the night - lace pants from Billie & Rose


Kitta said...

The other lovely lady is Karen Cheng.

The Ginger Fox said...

Haha of course it is, how silly of me.
Cheers Kitta xx

Claire said...

Roxanna Zamani's designs were so beautiful! Such an amazing collection :) xxx

Oracle Fox said...

Wow this parade is amazing! I am falling in love with those lace herem pants! From one fox to another I love your blog!


The Ginger Fox said...

Aww thanks Fox's gotta stick together :) and I agree whole heartedly Claire..incredible!!

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