Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Stylist Love: Edward K Gibbon of Skins

With the next SATC epic looming (oh its just not going to be that great but you have to watch it don't you? such a pickle) I gots to thinking about stylists. Now along with the rest of the world I adore the kooky Patricia Fields and her fearless styling, but who else can I rely on for my television fashion fix - Edward K Gibbon that's who!

Cassie: without a doubt my favourite Skins styler.

Stylist extraordinaire for the UK drama series Skins, Mr Gibbons consistently comes through with the style goods. The show may be on the way out with its increasingly far fetched and overly melodramatic plots, yet I will continue to watch for the clothing alone. He carefully considers each characters background and personality and presents a fabulously skewed yet finely tuned version of typical UK style. Mish-mashed prints and fabrics, bold colours and no fear of experimentation.

Now for an added bonus; in the process of researching this post I uncovered a fantastic little find on the Skins website. Gibbons has an entire section devoted to Skins style where he explains the thought process that went into the season 4 cast costumes. Fantastic stylist insight! Get it here :)


Elf said...

I heart skin and their style. It's a tie for me between Effy and Cassie. Boys, Freddie takes the cake xx

April Rose said...

I was super sad when i watched the Second Season. It just wasnt meant to be was it? Oh Oh last night there was a betty page doco on tv and i straight away thought of your Bettie Post! Love Her.

April Rose

blAcK & white style said...

Cassie is also one of my favourites.. but Sid in season 1 was so classic, some of the stuff he wore in the episodes after his mum left were too good! Edward Gibbons is truly amazing!

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