Friday, May 14, 2010

In the News: UWA

Phew have I busy folks! There are some very exciting developments occurring with The Ginger Fox that I will let you in on soon. For the meantime I have some catching up to do in terms of Perth style.

I have been hitting the various university markets of late, scanning for dolled up dans and dames. Unfortunately I haven't had much luck this week. I put this down to the temperature plummeting sending everyone scrambling for any available article of clothing to keep them warm, style be damned. It is also, quite largely I would say, due to my reluctance to emerge from beneath my pastel plaid nanna blanket to go in search of the fashion forward folk. Lastly, it is because the fashion trend at UWA now seems to be roughly strewn together newspaper garments that leave little to the imagination. Not the most inspired trend, but I will feature it non the less. haha

Adrehel did not fall victim to the paper fad and seems to have her winter wardrobe pretty worked out.

Now, I realise this was not the most style packed post however, fear not! I hit the streets today and snapped a few more gorgeous outfits and will post the pics tomorrow so stay tuned. P.s if anyone can tell me what the paper people were doing I would love to hear from you. I hope the bow tie guy won :)


Fiona said...

The newspaper people are part of a club olympics thing. They essentially get all the party clubs around campus like Uni Camp for Kids, SABAS, Leisure, etc and get them to embarrass themselves in front of everyone. You're lucky you weren't there for the milk runs.
No idea if the bunny boy won hey

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