Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Chills and style thrills at UWA

You can't always have a giant SLR camera handy now can you? Well lucky I have my new iPhone and twitter app. Yep I am now ultra-super-massively connected it boggles the mind. My phone is now the portal to everyone I have ever met, the master of my events, the answer to all questions and grand keeper of my secrets. In such a short period of time I have become entirely dependant on this little device. Now given my history with anything electrical, me thinks this will not end well... But hey, live in the now I say, and boy is it fun to tweet Perth style.
It was a wonderfully warm, sun drenched day today and people really seemed to be enjoying laying about on the grass and relaxing in a manner that only students can. To bad the sun didn't reach me at my stall; instead I had deep shade, concrete and an icy wind wiping through the UWA corridors. I spent the day either scrambling for vintage jumpers to use as blankets or choreographing my own version of Zumba fitness (mine has jumping jacks ehh ehh). Curse you glorious, carefree children of the sun, curse you.


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