Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Style Icon - Bang Bang

''As far as con men stories go,
I think I've heard them all:
Grifters, ropers, faro-fixers,
Tales drawn long and tall.
But if one bears a bookmark,
In the confidence man's tome,
It would be that of Penelope,
And of the Brothers Bloom.''

'The Brothers Bloom' is a favourite flick of mine for so many reasons (Adrien Brody being the main reason...whew that man is too much). Its smart, funny and wonderfully stylised. Not surprising seeing as it's writer/director Rian Johnson's next project following the incredible neo-noir detective tale 'Brick'.

However,this post isnt about the Brothers Bloom or Penelope, but their silent and enigmatic co conspirator; Bang Bang, played by the amazing Rinko Kikuchi. Her style, thanks to costume designer Beatrix Aruna Pasztor, is a liberal jumble of quirky yet sophisticated fabrics and textures, and I am loving it.


arnique said...

I love this stylistics of this movie as well. Hated the ending though, felt it was such a cop-out.

Arianne from A + B in the Sea

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